We're Here to Help

We've been training and building successful Lawn Care Dealerships for over 30 Years! We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about becoming a K-Lawn® Dealer. Please feel free to contact us.

To assist with your questions online, we've provided answers to a few of the most common questions below.

What is K-Lawn?

K-Lawn is a part-time business opportunity proving lawn fertilization and weed and insect control. It can be grown to any size that fits your plans, it is YOUR business.

How much is a K-Lawn Dealership?

Your initial investment for a K-Lawn dealership is $30,000.

What do I get for the $30,000?

Everything you need to be successful is included in the dealership fee, including fertilizer, iron and other miscellaneous product - enough for a successful start. You receive complete training so you understand the needs of turf, homeowners and how to operate and maintain your equipment. In fact, we can show you how this investment can be easily repaid in one year.

Some of what is included:

  • Comprehensive training in the classroom and in the field
  • Exclusive K-Lawn 4-Step Program details and rate/mix charts
  • Durable, long life 320 gallon stainless steel tank spray trailer with diaphragm pump and powered 300’ hose reel
  • Miscellaneous items such as soil probe, soil thermometer and measuring wheel
  • Starter paper goods package including state specific invoices, route cards, brochures, door hanger flyers and special door hanger envelopes for the invoices.
  • Protected K-Lawn territory

Is financing available?

Give us a call and we'll see what we can do: 800-445-9116

What other investment will I need to make?

In addition to the $30,000 you will need funds to purchase fertilizer, iron and other miscellaneous product. In the 2nd or 3rd year you will need to purchase product storage tanks for $2,500-3,500.

Are there recurring fees?

NO! There are no recurring dealer/franchise fees. The only requirements are that you follow the 4-Step program and purchase your fertilizer and iron from Kugler Company.

Are territories protected?

Yes, your K-Lawn territory is protected.

Do I need to be licensed?

Yes. Licensing varies from state to state. We will review the regulations of your state and assist you in compliance with all necessary permits, licenses and other regulatory items that maybe required. Many states have programs that allow you to start treating lawns immediately. Licensing is good - it requires training, a standard of service and is a barrier to entry that keeps competition at a minimum.

Can I start my dealership in the middle of summer?

Yes. There is no bad time to start a dealership. We have dealers who start in the middle of the summer and do quite well. It helps get their business established and on track for the next year's customer base. The sooner you start the better!

How do I get enough customers in my area?

Your K-Lawn Dealership will be a local business owned by you, and you will need to focus on developing your customer base. We help you market your new service with proven tips that have worked across the Midwest. Our new dealer support includes marketing materials such as brochures and door hangers, as well as local newspaper advertising. Your business will grow quickly, and you will see your satisfied customer base grow.

What marketing support will I get?

Many marketing items are available that can be customized with your business name and contact information such as door hangers, brochures and yard signs. We also provide start-up newspaper advertising in addition to listings on our K-Lawn website.

Are there other services I can offer my customers in addition to fertilization and weed and insect control?

In addition to the K-Lawn 4-Step Program, many dealers offer lawn aeration, weed control and some do tree fertilization (we have a K-Lawn Tree Program).

Who is K-Lawn?

K-Lawn is a division of Kugler Company, a leader in specialty liquid fertilizers. Kugler Company was founded in 1924 in Culbertson, Nebraska and now has manufacturing locations in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and South Dakota.

I want to start today! What do I need to do?

Call us at 800-445-9116 and we will get you the specific details so you can start right away.