Introducing ReGEN from K-Lawn


ReGEN from K-Lawn delivers these key benefits in a single application…

  • Modifies your soil profile to dramatically increase water intake and retention in the vital root system zone
  • The ultimate delivery system to transport fertilizers and iron directly to the plant tissue and root system
  • Special properties adhere ReGEN to the plant, delivering vital nutrients over a multi-week period
  • Gives your lawn an overall healthy, deep green look the neighbors will envy
  • Reduces the amount of water required for your lawn to achieve that deep lush green appearance

Keeping your lawn green and healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Now you can turn our lawn from BLAH into the envy of the neighborhood with ReGEN.

KQ-XRN® + K-Lawn® A Winning Combination

KQ-XRN is a groundbreaking fertilizer developed and produced by Kugler Company. As a liquid, KQ-XRN has a sticky characteristic that keeps it on your grass for days. Tests have shown the nutrient solution in the smallest root of the plant within sixty minutes of application. The slow-release Nitrogen continues to feed the grass while the herbicide stays in the root zone for weeks. Your lawn will not burn and not only will it be green, so will be your neighbors, with envy.

Custom Fertilizers for Your Specific Area

We don’t believe in a “one-type-fits-all” fertilizer and pest control formula. With over 25 Years in lawn care, our experience tells us that regional fertilization rates are different. That’s why your K-Lawn Dealer understands your local lawncare fertilization needs.

Beautiful Lawns — Guaranteed

We guarantee that you’ll have a great-looking lawn when one of our K-Lawn Lawn Care Programs is followed according to our recommendations.

Guaranteed Green